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!CHECKHEART!  How to make a reservation in Japanese  (Follow up video for 予約  = yoyaku lesson)



Cruel Animal Experiment

「重いっつ〜の!!」 ( colloquial) = Omoittsuuno! = I said it’s heavy!!




:k: FAQ: 「マギー先生は猫語がわかりますか?

=Maggie Sensei wa neko-go ga wakari masu ka?

=Can Maggie-Sensei understand cat language?

:maggie-small: どう思う?=Dou omou?=What do you think?


Mini lesson pronunciation video

発音、練習してね!=Hatsuon renshuu shitene! =Practice pronunciation!



This one  hour video clip is for 「愛しています。」I love you lesson!


Maggie’s Valentine’s Card




How to fold a paper crane. (for 労る=itawaru lesson)


What’s 節分= Setsubun? Don’t learn how to eat 恵方巻き(Ehoumaki) from Maggie sensei, though!




Occupied = 使用中(=Shiyou chuu)  開けないで!(=Akenai de!) Don’t open the door!


一番好きな日本語は何?(=Ichiban sukina nihongo wa nani?) What is your favorite Japanese?


最近、マギー先生はお疲れの様です。(=Saikin Maggie Sensei wa otsukare no you desu.)

It seems like Maggie-sensei has been tired lately.

















  1. Ho, I’ve seen the 「一番好きな言葉は何ですか?」 video on Youtube a while ago, but I didn’t know you at the time! Yeah! There’s Maggie先生 in it!かわいっ!散歩に行きたい!(それは私にテレビ朝日の「ちい散歩」っていう番組を思い出させるよ!この番組は面白いなんですよねぇ!)

    One of my favorite words is cited in it and is 木洩れ日… Such a beautiful picture comes in my mind whenever I think of it… ha, that’s nice ^^

    〜 By the way, since I use a lot more my 携帯 than my パソコン, that’s why I used to talk to you on Twitter instead of here. It’s true there’s a limit about how many characters you can use… and you may prefer your blog to speak with visitors, I understand. But if I have a question about a topic in particular, it’s a bit hard for me to search the entire blog with my 携帯 to see if there’s an entry about my problem, ね?

    I mean, if I have trouble saying something, where would it be best to write ? Is there a page on your site where we can ask a question without the need for the comment to be relevant to the article? I’m not sure if what I’ve just said is clear (^_^’)
    Maybe a mini-forum could help? Or at least a kind of “question wall”、それはどうですか? Sorry to ask this here, but since I was commenting, I felt like asking at the same time.


    1. めっちゃマットさん
      Thank you for your comment!
      Yes! I love the word,木漏れ日 as well. It is a beautiful word!
      Great idea to have a Forum or Q&A page!! We will work on it eventually.
      But until then, you can ask me questions anytime either on Twitter, Twitter mail, this blog (if you have a random question, just post a question in ANY column. I will read it anyway. And many people do so.) I don’t have any preference either this blog or Twitter.I love to help you all anyway.
      If you prefer to use your mobile, please just use Twitter at the moment.
      (Note : 面白いなんですよねぇ!→面白いですよねぇ!)

      お散歩つれていって! :maggie-small:

  2. Aww Maggie先生 thank you so much for making me your video thumbnail!! \^___^/
    It’s actually Gimmeaflakeman’s vid, but we both know who’s the head of the family. :P


    1. Fina-chan,
      Of course, I am his boss! !Vsain!

  3. kawaiiii!! you really got my attention maggie-sensei. ^_^ レーソーンを聞きながら、「maggie先生は非常にかわいい」と思いました。犬が大好きですから。

    1. hoshigo-san

      私、そんなにかわいい?ありがとう!!! :P

      (NOTE : レーソーン->レッスン  カタカナはむずかしいよね!)

  4. Your website is awesome! Arigatou gozaimasu! :D
    Tokoro de atashi no suki na onigiri wa konbu desu yo! (or suki na= ichiban? lol i’m in Japanese 101 in college ;])

    1. Krista-san,

      Thank you for your comment! Arigatou!
      Krisuta san no (ichiban=most) sukina(favorite) onigiri wa konbu? Watashi wa 焼たらこ(Yaki tarako) desu.
      Nihongo no benkyou ganbatte ne!

    1. super riceball-san,

      Onigiri suki? Watashi mo daaaai suki! (=Do you like riceballs? I love them,too!)
      Super riceball-san wa onigiri no naka de nani ga ichiban suki? What is your favorite onigiri?

  5. Goodsite I have Learned much you make my hard expedition of wanting to learn japanese fluently much easiar 有賀と

    1. asc2011-san

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am glad to hear you have learned a lot. All your positive comments encouraged me to make more new lessons.

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