Slang: アバウト & 細かい ( = Abauto & Komakai) + Some Twitter words



= Nihon nau! 

(Twitter lingo) meaning “I’m in <JAPAN> right now!”


:o 「右と左、どっちが欲しい?

= Migi to hidari docchi ga hoshii?

=  “Which one do you want? The Right one or the left one?”

:maggie-small: 「右!!3ミリ位長いから…」

= Migi!! Sanmiri gurai nagai kara…

“The right one! ‘Cause it’s about 3mm longer….”

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重い( = omoi)


:maggie-small: 「お帰りなさい!ご飯にする?おやつ?それともお風呂?」

= Okaerinasai! Gohan ni suru? Oyatsu? Soretomo ofuro?

“Hi hon, Do you wanna have dinner first? A snack? How about a bath?”


= Kore, mi~nna anata no tame ni katte kita noyo!

“I bought all of these just for you!”

:h: 「君は重たいんだよ!」

= Kimi wa omotain dayo!

“You do too much for me!”

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