Thank you and ありがとう!from Maggie


R.I.P Maggie Sensei

September 20th,2005〜March 24th,2014

I will support you from Dog Heaven.

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  1. I’ve never steadily kept up with the content on this website but find myself returning from time to time because it’s rich in information, and only now have I realized that Maggie Sensei was recruited to Doggy Heaven. Despite the delay, I still want to offer my condolences for your loss. A great teacher, and I’m sure an even greater family member.

  2. Dear Maggie
    I will always loving you..
    Therefore you has gone :)
    Rest In Peace..

  3. I am so sorry for your loss, Yukari-san! :( I was so shocked when I found out the news! My thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult loss. Please take all the time you need to heal.

    ima made nihongo o oshiete kurete arigatou gozaimashita. Maggie-sensei no koto o watashi wa eien ni wasure-masen. otsukaresama deshita.

  4. I am very sorry for your loss. Maggie was a very cute dog and a great teacher. She will be missed very much. I hope you are doing okay. Please accept my condolences.

  5. Oh no. I will miss Maggie so much. I almost want to cry, she has been the mascot of my learning for some time now. I hope the family and friends of Maggie are okay. I had three dogs pass on at once due to Snailbait poisoning so i know what a loss is like. I still can’t get over it and its been many years. I was in my first year of high school and now im almost 29. R.I.P. Maggie Sensei.
    I thank her and the friends and family for so many great lessons. ^_^

  6. Goodbye, Maggie-sensei….

    You gave the best nihongo lessons I’ve ever learned from – and you were such a cute dog!

    RIP, little angel!

  7. I just found this out today and I am very sad to hear the news. Maggie made learning Japanese fun. She was a very cute and pleasant teacher, and very smart as well. Rest in peace, I will miss you a great deal.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear that :'( Thanks for everything , Maggie-sensei! Whenever I had a doubt in Japanese , I knew I’d find the answer here! You’ve always been so helpful !
    Rest In Peace <3

  9. OMG! I can’t believe it!
    I’m really sorry for your loss, of course I will not forget Maggie-sensei T_T
    Thank you so much dear doggie, it was a lot of fun learning japanese with your lessons! Love you!

  10. This is such sad news, you were a wonderful teacher and warmed all our hearts, you will be missed by so many. RIP.

  11. thank you for being part of our lives Maggie sensei. I always smile when I see your lessons. you will be greatly missed by all your students. not only for being our cutest teacher, but for helping us to enjoy learning.
    thanks to Yukari sensei for sharing Maggie with us. we can all see how special she was and you have our sympathy. we couldn’t ask for better teachers.

  12. I’m so sorry for your loss of Maggiesensei. It’s the equivalent of losing a family member… at least it felt like that when I witnessed the death of my first pet back when I was 10 years old. From what I’ve seen Maggie had one awesome life, not only did she have some amazingly cool parents she lived in Japan, has lot’s and lot’s of lovers all over the world, she was one lucky girl ;) haha. She passed knowing she was loved by so many people out there.

    Take care of yourselves and stay safe :)

  13. I’m so heartbroken. I’ve loved Maggie-sensei for many years and have always enjoyed her lessons, and I’m just so sad she’s gone now. I’ll miss her pictures and lessons, but I hope she can have fun in Heaven with my own dogs who have also passed!

    My deepest condolences, Yukari-sensei.

  14. Maggiesensei has become an icon, a symbol, a visual representation in my Japanese learning. I am sure this is true to a lot of other visitors/students in here. :)

    When I stumble across something I learned thanks to Maggiesensei’s lessons I can’t help but remember her cute and hilarious expressions from the lesson descriptions. :) Maggiesensei always made remembering and learning easier, and fun. :)

    When I think about our lives and how everyone’s time here on Earth seems to be borrowed for a short while, I wonder about the notion of immortality. I think that some do accomplish to live on beyond their time and extend their existence through people’s memories. That is why I think Maggiesensei will live on, as a lot of us will remember her and her lessons and thank her for years to come for lending her helping paw in the process of something we all yearn for: learning Japanese. :)

    I never got to meet Maggiesensei in person but through the numerous pictures and videos from Maggiesensei where she shared time with Yukari-sama and family, I am sure Maggiesensei lived a happy life surrounded by people who gave her lots of love and cared for her and looked for her well-being. Considering how we often see heartless people doing heartless stuff to their pets I believe Maggiesensei was very fortunate to have Yukari-sama for mom, and we are very grateful of that because Yukari-sama shared her a little with us all. :)

    Thank you Maggiesensei for everything. We will always remember you. :) My thoughts are with Yukari-sama and famility. Wishing you the strength to walk thought this sad moment. Thank you Maggiesensei.

  15. Maggie-sensei, rest in peace :( she helped me just yesterday. Her lessons were so helpful :( I saw she had heart surgery. Even if her lessons won’t be continued, she has helped me a lot. RIP forever Maggie-sensei, nobody will ever be able to replace you.

  16. Discovered this site through Victor, and it quickly became my go-to site for daily or quick and fun lessons on Japanese. Enjoyed all the videos with Maggie, Victor, Yukari and everyone else. It will feel so different without her.

    Thanks for everything Maggie. Rest in peace.

  17. Oh, dear Maggie sensei… I learnt so much from you. Please protect us from dog heaven and take care of yourself too, while you’re there. Maybe you will meet my friend Whisky there… he was a lovely German shepherd and I spent most of my childhood with him. I loved him very much ~ but I have to admit that he didn’t speak Japanese. Say hello if you see him. Andrea remembers him. I think you will be very very missed from everyone here. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Much love <3

  18. I am so sorry for your loss :( I hope you can find some comfort knowing your angel is peacefully resting now.

    Thank you for all the lessons.

    Love from Canada.

  19. I just found this site and started reading all the fun articles and now this happens! Really, really sorry to hear about it, one of the saddest experiences to have. Hope you’re alright!

  20. So many people loved Maggie. I didn’t spend a lot of time with her but I loved her so much because she WAS family. I feel a lot sadness for her loss

  21. I will not forget you T.T


  22. Sensei….my deepest condolences. It’s a great loss to all of us as it was so fun to learn from Maggie.. The best teacher…It’s so hard to believe that maggie is actually gone..
    Who’s gonna teach us now and make us laugh..It’s just so sad. I know exactly how you feel..I also lost my precious bird last year.. It was a hard time for me.. But with time, I was able to get used to the fact that I will not see him again.. But I’ll never forget the wonderful times we spent together and how I cared for him until his last moment..
    I know it’s a hard time for you now, but I hope you remember the good times you spent together..
    Thx Sensei..

  23. goodbye, maggie-sensei and many thanks for all your tireless work. you’ve helped thousands of people and brought joy to them all.
    it’s now time to live on in memories. rest in peace.

  24. 御愁傷様です、

    I’m really sorry to hear this! I hope you wil rest peacefully in heaven.

  25. 生まれぬる



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