Hiragana chart! ひらがなチャート with sound files


= Nihongo wo issho ni hajimemashou!

= Let’s start Japanese with me!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Maggie Sensei’s hiragana chart. There are already tons of sites with hiragana and katakana charts out there so this is just a simple hiragana one for

newbies who still need help reading and practicing hiranaga.


Many people say Japanese is very difficult to read and write, and that is true. But if you start learning now, you will be able to understand the

language in a couple of years.  Let’s start right now!

We mix kanji with hiragana to write native Japanese words.

Please take your time and learn  how to read them. Once you learn, you can start practicing your reading.

:maggie-small: Hiragana chart!

あ い う え お

a      i        u      e      o


か き く け こ

ka    ki      ku    ke    ko

さ し す せ そ

sa    shi   su    se     so

た ち つ て と

ta     chi   tsu   te    to


Note : has a small letter っ * It make the following consonant doubled. Ex. = gakki, = nikki, = happi, etc.

な に ぬ ね の

na    ni    nu    ne    no

は ひ ふ へ ほ

ha    hi    fu     he   ho

Note : = ha could be read as “wa” when it is used as  a particle for a subject.

= he could be read as “e” when it is used as a particle for direction.

ま み む め も

ma   mi   mu   me   mo

や  ゆ よ

ya       yu    yo

ら り る れ ろ

ra     ri     ru     re      ro

わ を ん

wa   wo    n

Note : the pronunciation of =wo is the same as = o. We use it as a particle for object.


with marker

が ぎ ぐ げ ご

ga    gi     gu   ge    go

ざ じ ず ぜ ぞ

za    zi     zu    ze   zo


だ ぢ づ で ど

da    di     du   de    do

ば び ぶ べ ぼ

ba    bi     bu   be    bo

with  ゚marker


ぱ ぴ ぷ ぺ ぽ

pa    pi     pu   pe   po

with small や、ゆ、よ

きゃ きゅ きょ

kya      kyu       kyo

しゃ しゅ しょ

sha      shu      sho

ちゃ ちゅ ちょ

cha      chu     cho

にゃ にゅ にょ

nya      nyu     nyo

ひゃ ひゅ ひょ

hya      hyu      hyo

みゃ みゅ みょ

mya   myu    myo

りゃ りゅ りょ

rya     ryu     ryo

ぎゃ ぎゅ ぎょ

gya      gyu    gyo

じゃ じゅ じょ

ja           ju            jo

びゃ びゅ びょ

bya      byu       byo

ぴゃ ぴゅ ぴょ

pya       pyu      pyo

!onpu! Once you memorize them, you can practice reading them!


= desk(s)

:rrrr: Answer :

= tsukue


= chair(s)

:rrrr: Answer :

= isu


= I

:rrrr: Answer :

= watashi


= A/one  tree

:rrrr: Answer :

= ippon no ki    (one tree)


= school(s)

:rrrr: Answer :

= gakkou


= teacher(s)

:rrrr: Answer:

= sensei


= student(s)

:rrrr: Answer :

= seito


= Japanese (language)

:rrrr: Answer :

= nihongo


= house(s)

:rrrr: Answer :

= ie

:h: Now try to read longer sentences!


= This is my book.

:rrrr: Answer :

= Korewa watashi no hon desu.


= Excuse me. Where is the bank?

:rrrr: Answer :

= Sumimasen. Ginkou wa dokoni arimasu ka?


= Why do you study Japanese?

:rrrr: Answer :

= Doushite nihongo wo benkyou shiteiru no desuka?


= Thank you so much.

:rrrr: Answer :

= Arigatou gozaimashita.


= Where are you from? (Polite)

:rrrr: Answer :

= Dochirakara irasshaimashitaka?


= I went to the hospital yesterday.

:rrrr: Answer :

= Kinou watashi wa byouin ni ikimashita. (= I went to the hospital yesterday.)


= Please give me a glass of water.

:rrrr: Answers :

= Omizu wo ippai kudasai.

マギーせんせいより = Maggie Sensei yori = From Maggie Sensei


= Hiragana oboemashitaka? Sukoshi zutsu mainichi benkyou shite kudasaine.

= Did you learn the hiragana? Please study them little by little everyday.


    1. Good question! I used to have the same problem. There are some really help full videos. I’m not sure why, but the way you write and type ki and sa are different than writing. Just keep practing or go on youtube! Wish you the best!

  1. Hi Maggie Sensei! (^-^)/ This is an awesome lesson for beginners. ほんとうにありがとうございました。 I am looking forward to your Katakana lesson. ;)

    1. @WhiteCherry5

      どういたしまして。I will post katakana chart soon. Please check it as well. よろしくね!

    1. @Andini

      Thank you for your comment!!! You must be my Twitter follower, Andini-san! Am I right?
      Oh, you have Facebook students? I am working on Katakana chart now. Hope that helps them,too.
      BTW your blog is awesome! Everybody, go check her site!!

      1. Maggie-sensei, thank you for the nice words. My blog is in Indonesian, I bet the crowd you sent there got confused. But with so many bells and whistles, it does look good at a glance, doesn’t it?
        To me you’re a daily reminder that I still have so much to learn. Thank you for sharing so generously. Big hug from Indonesia.

        1. @Andini

          I will definitely use your site when I want to learn Indonesian language. Learning languages seems like a long long endless journey, huh?
          I am still learning a lot,too.

          Big hugs for you,too!!

  2. Wow Maggie/Yukari love this lesson this will really help me memorize hiragana. I have been learning Kata kana first but i already know a lot of hiragana cause i see it a lot. Have you thought about doing a kata kana lesson also? [*^_^*]

      1. *hugs* Thank you so much guys. Today i noticed that Victor/gimmeabreakman liked a video of a girl that was talking about her online resources BUT she didn’t mention this site!! :( So i made sure and left a comment about your site of course. She also mentioned a book called “Remembering the Kana” by James W. Heisig. I guess in under three hours with the book you can memorize it all? Anyway study hard guys and i hope that helps!

        1. @Itsumaru

          Thank you, Itsumaru!!! You are soooo nice!! They are lots of great learning resources out there. (To be honest, I rarely check them..but..) Hope you all find the right one! がんばって! A big hug 4U2!

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