How to use の(=no) : one ( indefinite pronoun)

July 17, 2013 in Beginners, Facebook Follow up lesson, Grammar

how to use  no

= Dono omocha de asobu?
= Which toy do you want to play with?
= Butano ka osushi no de asobu
=I will play either with the pig one or the sushi one!

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OK, today we will study an indefinite pronoun, (=no)
(=no) has many functions, such as a nominalizer, preposition, etc. but we will focus on the function as an indefinite pronoun today.

We use this (=no) when we refer to unspecified things.

:rrrr: one(s), things that~

1) adjectives + (=no)

!star! How to form :

i-adjecitve + (=no)

大きい=  ookii + (=no)

:rrrr: 大きい= ookiino = the big one(s)

cute one(s)  = かわいい= kawaiino

difficult one(s) = 難しい = muzukashiino

white one(s) = 白い = shiroino


= Ookiino to chiisai no to docchiga ii?

= Which one would you like, the big one or the small one?

Ex. 安いがなかったら高いを買った。

= Yasai no ga nakattara takai no wo katta.

= There wasn’t a cheap one so I bought an expensive one.

Ex. 白いはないの?

= Shiroi no wa nai no?

= You don’t have white ones?

Note : We also use(もの= mono) or やつ(=yatsu) instead of (=no)

Ex. 大きい (=ookiino)

:rrrr: 大きい物(=ookii mono) ・大きいやつ(=ookiiyatsu)

Ex. 安い(=yasuino)

:rrrr: 安い物(=yasui mono) ・ 安いやつ(=yasui yatsu)

:i: is a casual form and やつ(=)(=yatsu) sounds more rough  than (=no).  Remember referring a person (=yatsu) is impolite.

na-adjective + なの

静か= shizuka + なの(=nano)

:rrrr: 静かなの(=shizukanano) the quiet one, things that are quiet

Ex. もし新しいエアコンを買うなら静かなのがいいですよ。

= Moshi atarashii eakon wo kaunara shizukanano ga iidesuyo.

= If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner, you should get a quiet one.

Ex.クラスで 一番きれいなのは誰?

= Kurasu de ichiban kireinano wa dare?

= Who is the most beautiful person in the class?

2) verb + (=no)

You can also add to a verb : the one that

!star! How to form :

verb basic form + (=no)

* 動く(= ugoku )+ (=no)

:rrrr: 動く(=ugokuno)

Ex. 電池で動くありますか?

= Denchi de ugoku no arimasuka?

= Do you have the battery operated one?

Ex. お肉がはいっているを下さい。

= Oniku ga haitte iru no wo kudasai.

= Please give me the one with meat.

Note  casual contraction :

ている(=~teiru) →〜てる(=teru)

:rrrr: はいっているはいってる= haitteru)

Ex. この間、買ったはどうしたの?

= Konoaida katta nowa doushitano?

= What happened to the one you bought the other day?

2) noun + (=no)  〜 one

Ex. 「どんなおにぎりが好き?」
=Donna onigiri ga suki?

= What kind of rice balls do you like?


= Sake no ga suki!

= I like the one with salmon.

Look the picture above.  !blueuparrow!

= Dono omocha de asobu?

= Which toy do you play with?

= Butano ka osushi no de asobu

=I will play either with the pig one or the sushi one!

I said ブタ(豚)(=buta) pig + (=no)+(おもちゃ=omocha= toy )= the pig one
お寿司(=osushi) sushi (shaped)(=no)+(おもちゃ=omocha= toy) = the sushi one

maggie-senseiマギー先生より= Maggie Sensei yori = From Maggie Sensei


= Hontou wa itsumo atarashii no de shika asobanai no.

= The truth is I only play with the new ones.


= Dareka atarashii omocha katte kureru?

= Anybody want to buy me a new toy?

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