Slang! どや顔 = doyagao (Mini Lesson #131)

October 2, 2010 in Mini Lesson from No.124


Today I will teach you a relatively new slangy word どや顔 = doyagao.

It means “a smug face” “smug look on one’s face” to have “cocky look”, “triumphant face”

We hear this more and more often on TV these days.

Ex. その”どや顔“、やめろ!(male talk. a bit rough) or やめて!=yamete!

= Sono doyagao yamero!/ Sono doyagao yamete!

=Wipe that smug look off your face!

(Looking at a picture)

:rrrr: Ex. ちょっと、この”どや顔“見て!

=Chotto kono “doyagao” mite!

= Hey, look at this smug face!

:rrrr: Ex.すごい、”どや顔“してるね。

= Sugoi “doyoagao” shiterune.

= What a smug face (he/she has)!

They say this expression started becoming popular when a comedian from Osaka used it in a talk show. From there it started to spread immediately.

どや! = Doya! is Kansaiben  ( a dialect from Osaka area) which means

“How do you like it!” ,” How’s that?”, ”Did you see what I just did / what I got?”, “Look at me!”

*「どうだ! =Douda! (male talk)

*「どう?」= Dou!


*「私、すごいでしょ!」= Watashi sugoidesho!= Don’t you think I am great? / I did great, right?


They say this when they are showing off something.


For example, when you win a game, succeed at something, get something really nice and want to show it off, show off your nice muscles, etc., you look around as if you are saying 「どや!= Doya! = How’s that! “Did you see that?” “I am great!” “I did a great job, didn’t I” and people would think you have a smug look on your face. That is called どや顔 = doyagao.

Synonyms :

どうだ顔 = douda gao = (slang) the same as どや顔 = doyagao

キメ(決め)顔 = kime gao = one’s look as if saying ” I did it!”, “Look what I did!” (Similar to the English expression, “You look like the cat that ate the canary”.)

Also we say キメ(決め)顔= kimegao one’s perfect face-pose for pictures or a woman’s face with perfect make up

勝ち誇った顔 = kachihokotta kao = a triumphant look, a cocky look/face

したり顔 = shitari gao = a smug face, a triumphant look, a cocky face, a facial expression that says, “I know everything”.

得意顔 = tokui gao =  a smug face, a triumphant look, a cocky look/face

:l: All these **(=kao/gao) take the verb する=suru

Ex. ** 顔をする=** gao wo suru = to have ** look on ones face

maggie-senseiマギー先生より = Maggie Sensei yori = From Maggie Sensei

So I got a new toy! どや!= Doya! :P