(Slang) キテる+ イっちゃってる=Kiteru & Icchatteru (Mini Lesson #126)

September 4, 2010 in Mini Lesson from No.124

kiteru revised

(Maggie Sensei is wearing her toy on her head..)
=Kono atsusa de kanari kiterune.
=This heat really got her. (This heat made her crazy.)

Today’s slang!!



is originally a verb 来る=kuru→来てる=kiteru
It means to reach to certain point or degree and it has both negative and positive meaning.

Positive meaning :
getting very popular, great

We use it often to describe someone such as musician, models, actors who are about to be very popular. You can also use it for things like games, software or music.

Ex. 彼(彼女)キテるね。
=Kare (Kanojo) kiterune.
=He (She) is becoming very popular.

=Ima kono kyoku kiterune.
=This song is getting to be very popular (now).

Negative meaning
going crazy, going nuts

It related to this idiom.

=atama ni kuru

It means “to get angry” and also “go crazy

So if someone says

Ex. ちょっと頭にきたみたいね。
=Chotto atama ni kita mitaine.

It could mean someone is either angry or going crazy.

キテる is on the brink of ヤバい=yabai! =to be in a bad mental or physical condition

The synonyms

(頭が)いかれてる=イカれてる=(atama ga) ikareteru=be crazy

(=頭が)やられた=(atama ga) yarareta)

Ex. Maggie先生、イカれちゃったんじゃない?

=Maggie sensei ikarechattanja nai?

(or 頭やられちゃったんじゃない? =Atama yararechattanja nai?)

=Isn’t Maggie-Sensei going crazy?

We also use this to malfunctioned machine.

Ex. コンピューターがイカれてしまった
=Konpyuutaa ga ikarete shimatta.
=My computer went haywire.

イっちゃってる =icchatteru

It came from a verb 行く=iku=行っちゃってる=icchatteru

It’s literal meaning is “one’s soul or one’s mind is gone to another world which is far away from our normal one”
So we use it for someone who is crazy, spaced-out, kooky, nuts,  wacko.
We also use it to describe someone who is overly absorbed in something.

Ex. あの子、ちょっとイっちゃってるね。
=Anoko chotto icchatteru ne.

Ex. 目がイっちゃってる。
=Me ga icchatteru.
=One’s eyes look crazy.

Note : The spelling キテる+イっちゃってる could be きてるキテルイッチャッてる,etc.

There is no specific rule but we tend to mix hiragana and katakana to write slang.

Also remember the slang I taught you before, イケてる=iketeru? If not,  go check イケテル=iketeru Mini lesson!

maggie-senseiFrom Maggie Sensei

=Dare? Watashi ga icchatterutte itta no wa?

=Who said I was going crazy?!