酔う(=you) to get drunk :Drink related lesson Part 2


:maggie-small: 「私を酔わせてどうするつもり?」

(=Watashi wo yowasete dousuru tsumori?)

”What’s your point in trying to get me drunk?”

We have seen lots of (=sake), booze, & 飲む (=nomu), drinking, expressions in previous lesson. Did you have enough drink?

Then the next kanji should be this :


sui / you / yoi

*麻酔(=masui) anesthesia

*(=tousui) intoxication

*酔う (=you) to get drunk, to become intoxicated

Ex. お酒に酔う

(=osake ni you)

to get drunk

Ex. ちょっと、酔ったみたいです。

(=Chotto yotta mitai desu.)

“I think I got pretty drunk.”

すぐに酔う(=sugu ni you.) describes someone who gets drunk easily= 酔いやすい(=yoi yasui.) describes someone who gets drunk easily


(=Sake ni sugu ni you.)


(=Sake ni yoi yasui.)

describes someone who gets drunk easily

:w: Note:酔う(yo u) means “to get intoxicated” and it doesn’t just mean getting drunk

:rrrr: *車に酔う(=kuruma ni you) to get car sick.

Ex. 私の子供は、車に酔いやすい。

(=Watashi no kodomo wa kuruma ni yoiyasui.)

My kid get car sick easily.

Ex. 車に酔った。

(=kuruma ni yotta)

I’ve gotten car sick.

Ex. 車酔いにかかりやすい。

(=Kuruma yoi ni kakariyasui)

to get car sick easily.

*(その場の)空気に酔う(=(sonoba no) kuuki ni you. )

be intoxicated by the atmosphere

*自分に酔う(酔いしれる)(=jibun ni you (yoishireru) )

be intoxicated with oneself

*勝利に酔いしれる(=shouri ni yoishireru.)

to intoxicated by one’s victory (triumph)

ほろ酔い (=horoyoi) tipsy

ほろ酔い加減(=horoyoi kagen)“tipsiness”

千鳥足(=chidori ashi) stagger tipsily

酔っぱらう (=yopparau)to get drunk (stronger than 酔う(=you)

Ex. ちょっと酔った or 酔っぱらった みたいです。

(=Chotto yotta or yopparatta mitai desu.)

I think I got a bit drunk.

Ex. すっかり酔っぱらってしまった

(=Sukkari yopparatte shimatta.)

I got completely trashed.

Ex. 今日は、飲み過ぎて酔っぱらいました。

(=Kyou wa nomisugite yopparaimashita.)

I drank too much and got drunk today.

酔っぱらい (=yopparai)(a person) drunk / drunken person

Ex. 終電には酔っぱらいが一杯いる。

(=Shuuden niwa yopparai ga ippai iru.)

There are lots of drunk people on the last train.

Culture note :

In Japan, going out for a drink with your coworkers or business acquaintances after work is very common. Drinking helps them get rid of their inhibitions and maintain good relationships with people at work. It also helps you relax after a stressful day. But at the same time, many feel obliged to go out with work related people because they feel that it is an extension of their work . Some of you might have certain rigid image for Japanese businessman, サラリーマン(=sararii man), a salary man.
It is embarassing but I can guaranttee that you would frequently see many drunk businessman in a nice suits sleeping on the train or throwing up on the train or platform.

泥酔(=deisui) to get really drunk

Ex. 彼は泥酔状態だった。

(=Kare wa deisui joutai datta.)

He was really trashed. 

(note: 状態(=joutai)=in a condition)


(=guden guden ni you)

to get really drunk



(=guden guden ni yopparau.)

to get really drunk

アル中(=aruchuu) ←アルコール中毒(=arukooru chuudoku) alcoholic

Ex. あの人はアル中(アルコール中毒)だ。

(=Anohito wa aruchuu (or arukooru chuudoku da)

He(She) is alcoholic.


(=Aruchuu (or arukooru chuudoku) ni kakaru)

to become an alcoholic.

アルコール依存症 (=arukooru izonshou)alcoholism

酔いつぶれる (=yoitsubureru) pass out drunk


(=Sakuya wa yoitsuburete kioku ga nai.)

I passed out drunk last night and don’t remember anything.

酔いが回る (=yoi ga mawaru) getting drunk, feeling drunk

酔いが冷める (=yoi ga sameru) to sober

しらふ (=shirafu) : sober

悪酔いする(=waruyoi suru) to get sick after drinking

飲酒運転 (=inshu unten) drunk driving

二日酔い (=futuka yoi) hangover


(=futuka yoi ni kakaru.)

to have a hangover


(=futuka yoi de jugyou wo saboru.)

to skip the class due to hangover


泣き上戸(=nakijougo) a crying drunk, a person who cries when they get drunk.

笑い上戸 (=waraijougo) a laughing drunk, a person who laughs when they  get drunk.

下戸(=geko) a person who can’t hold their alcohol at all.

frenchbulldogマギー先生より (Maggie sensei yori) From Maggie-sensei


(=Korekara kurisumasu ya bounenkai, shinnenkai de ippai nomu kikai ga aruto omoimasu ga kureguremo nomisugi ni chuui shite kudasaine.)

Bounenkai, Year End Party and Shinenkai, New Year’s Party season is coming up soon. You will have lots of opportunities to drink. So please be careful not to drink too much, OK?

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  1. lol, first of all I m sick and staying in my house all day so with plenty of time on my hands I decided to look at this lesson (don’t get some wrong ideas about me sensei, I m not planning on getting drunk any time soon or anything :)

    you know one thing that’s good about drunk salarymen (and drunk people in general in japan maybe) is that they usually take a train ride home! Here people would get into their car (cause almost everybody has a car) and get into a car accident! they would be like a killer on the loose here !!
    that’s why our drinking age in the States is so freakin high (you need to be 21 to drink!) Our driving age is 16 (you can actually get a “limited” permit when you are 14) so I guess the thinking is: if they already have a 5 year long driving experience (from 16-21) then they should know by then that drinking&driving is bad so they should be smart enough to not do it.
    But there are idiots everywhere….
    and I wish our drinking age was lower (for example, 18 like in most of Europe!) but at the same time, I know it would cause chaos because everybody has cars and lots of people would drive drunk…

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