怪しい ( = ayashii ) + 占い ( = uranai ) = fortune-telling


= Anata no mirai wo uranaimashou ka?

= Do you want me to read your future?

Today’s word is 怪しい = あやしい= ayashii

It means suspicious, dubious, fishy or mysterious.

First, look at the picture above,


= Anata no mirai wo uranaimashou ka?

= Do you want me to read your future?

• 未来 = mirai = future

• 占う= uranai = to tell someone’s fortune

Maggie sensei looks  怪しい= ayashii = suspicious, dubious


= ayashii uranaishi

= dubious or fishy  fortune teller

If someone showed up like this in front of you, you might think,


= Ayashii!

= Fishy!


= Nanka kono mise ayashii ne.

= This store (restaurant, bar) looks shady somehow, isn’t it?

(Note : 怪しい = ayashii often used with 何か = なんか =  nanka = somehow)


= Kare nanka ayashii shoubai wo hajimeta mitai dayo.

= I heard he started some shady business.

We often react jokingly when we see someone or something suspicious.



= Ayashii!!

If you see two people out on a secret date, you could say


= Ano futari nanka ayashii!

= Those two look somewhat suspicious (They must be dating!)


= Maggie saikin chotto ayashii yo! Dareka to tsukiatterun ja nai?

= Maggie, you look very suspicious lately. You going out with someone, aren’t you?

In a detective show, police often ask people,

Ex. 「この辺で怪しい人をみかけませんでしたか?」

= Kono hen de ayashii hito wo mikakemasen deshitaka?

= Didn’t you see anybody suspicious around here?

When you refer to something questionable.

Ex. 「マギー先生、宿題をやりましたが、文章の作り方がまだ怪しいです。」

= Maggie Sensei shukudai wo yarimashitaga bunshou no tsukurikata ga mada ayashii desu.

= Maggie Sensei, I have done my homework, but I still don’t get how to make sentences.


= Kumoyuki ga ayashii.

= Cloudy with a chance of rain

You can say this line when you see it is getting cloudy and it looks like its going to rain sometime soon


= Chotto kumoyuki ga ayashiku natte ktiayo.

= It looks like it is going to rain.

or some situation has taking a dark turn or things are not looking good . It’s a bit of a dramatic phrase,but you will hear/see this in certain situation.

Ex.  どうやら雲行きが少し怪しくなってきたようだ。

= Douyara kumoyuki ga sukoshi ayashiku natte kita you da.

= It seems like the situation is getting a little questionable.

Ex. 「あの二人、最近、ちょっと雲行きがあやしいみたいだね。

= Ano futari saikin chotto kumoyuki ga ayashii mitai dane.

= It seems like they(those two) have not been getting along lately.


:ee: 占い = uranai = fortune-telling

So do you believe in 占い = uranai  = fortune-telling?
I can’t tell you the percentage, but many Japanese people do believe in fortune telling to some extent.

Some of you might have seen my superstitious lessons before.

迷信( = meishin) & 縁起( = engi) Japanese superstitions

Japanese people could be very superstitious.

Many magazines have 占い = uranai = fortune-telling section.

And there are a lot of places where you can have your fortune read.

占い師  = uranaishi =a  fortune teller

占いが当たる = uranai ga ataru = accurate fortune-telling

占いが外れる= uranai ga hazureru = inaccurate fortune-telling

I will give you a list of main stream fortune-telling related vocabulary in Japanese.

星占い = hoshiuranai = Astrology
the one which came from Western world is called 西洋占星術 = seiyou senseijutsu = Western Astrology 

!star! ホロスコープ = horosukoupu = Horoscope

牡羊座 = ohitsujiza= Aries

牡牛座 = oushiza = Taurus

双子座 = futagoza= Gemini

蟹座 = kaniza= Cancer

獅子座 = shishiza= Leo

乙女座 = otomeza= Virgo

天秤座 = tenbinza=  Libra

蠍座 = sasoriza= Scorpio

射手座= iteza = Sagittarius

山羊座 = yagiza= Capricorn

水瓶座 = mizugameza= Aquarius

魚座 = uoza= Pisces

Ex. 牡羊座生まれ = ohitujiza umare = Arian

四柱推命 = Shichuu suimei=Four Pillar astrology, fortune-telling based on the time

タロット占い = Tarrotto uranai = fortune-telling

風水 = fuusui = feng shui

Not so many but some people are trying to adopt some of the feng shui ideas in their lives.
Like owning a yellow wallet will bring you fortune. Or having something yellow in the east direction brings you fortune,etc.

血液型占い= ketsuekigata uranai = fortune telling based on one’s blood type

This is another popular one. You can check out my 血液型 = ketsuekigata = Blood type lesson.

手相= tesou = palm reading

Ex. 手相をみてもらう。

= tesou wo mite morau

= to have someone read your palm

:rrrr: The main lines:

感情線 = kanjousen = emotion line, heart line

運命線 =unmeisen = destiny line

生命線 =seimeisen = life line

Ex. 「わっ!マギーの生命線長いね!長生きするよ!」

= Wah! Maggie no seimeisen nagai ne! Nagaiki suruyo!

= Wow! Your life line is long, Maggie. You are going to have a long life!

頭脳線 = chinousen = brain line

結婚線 = kekkonsen = marriage line

姓名判断= seimei handan = fortune-telling based on the writing or pronunciation of one’s name.

Many parents give a name to their baby based on this type of fortune-telling. They count the stroke of the kanji and sum it up and see the balance with the family name.
Thus when woman get married in Japan they change their family name. So their luck also changes according to this fortune-telling. Since we can’t change their name on the  official family registration easily, they just change the name in daily use to avoid the bad luck.

!star! Other fortune-telling related words:

運勢 = unsei = luck

Ex. 運勢をみてもらう

= Unsei wo mite morau

= to have someone read your fortune

いい運勢 = ii unsei = good fortune

:rrrr: 運勢がいい = unsei ga ii = to have a good fortune

悪い運勢  = warui unsei = bad fortune

:rrrr: 運勢が悪い = unsei ga warui = to have bad fortune

Ex. 運勢が上がる = unsei ga agaru = fortune improves

Ex. 運勢が下がる = unsei ga sagaru = fortune declines

運命= unmei = destiny

In fortune-telling, we often use these words.

:w: 〜運 = うん =  ~ un = fortune/luck for ~

Ex. 私は男運が悪い。

= Watashi wa otokoun ga warui.

= I have bad luck when it comes to men.

結婚運 = kekkonun = marriage prediction

恋愛運 = reiaiun = luck in love

Ex. 私は恋愛運がいい。

= Watashi wa reiaiun ga ii.

= I am lucky in love.

仕事運 = shigoto un = luck in career

金運 = kinun = luck in money

全体運 = zentaiun = general luck

So have you ever had someone read your paws, uh, I mean palms? Mine are very simple.

マギー先生より = Maggie Sensei yori = From Maggie Sensei


= Kono saito ni kite kureta minasan no nihongoun wa saikou ni yoku naruto dete imasu.
= I can see “the Japanese learning luck” of all the people who have visited this site will improve drastically.


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  1. このサイトに来てくれた皆さんの日本語運は最高によくなると出ています。
    -> This is a completely true statement,said Frozenheart :)

    Thanks Maggie sensei for this lesson, very interesting !

  2. Hi Maggie,
    Would you know what i the Japanese name of those Origami fortune teller?
    I am sure it must come from Japan and has spread worldwide.
    Anyone I spoke about it used to play with it when they were little.

    Thank you


  3. 面白い話!ありがとう、先生~
    ところで、蠍座というのは さそりざ と読みますか、かにざ と読みますか?

    1. @薫


      1. 先生は細かくて、乙女座生まれらしいですねn_n~

  4. YES, I do believe in 占い! (but most of people in this country don’t)
    I don’t really believe in feng shui, never tried it.. but I believe in horoscope, blood types…
    I m a Virgo (Horse in chinese horoscope), O blood type ^^ (Kame kun is B and I heard that in Japan there was a study that said that B type guys and O type girls are the BEST match!!-a japanese friend told me :) デスチニね!?destiny?)
    haha, thank you for the lesson!!! question: what about 「うさんくさい」?「怪しい」は違うかな?or are they pretty much the same?
    なんか it seems like 「うさんくさい」is mainly used when you hear something “fishy” and 「怪しい」seems to mainly be used when you see something “fishy”…

    1. @Aki

      Good question!
      We use うさんくさい is a synonym of 怪しい. And you can use it when you hear or see something fishy. But it is a little bit more negative and you can’t use in certain cases.
      For example as I explained in the lesson, when you suspect a couple is dating in secret, you can say

      Ex. あの二人は怪しい = ano futari wa ayashii
      but you can’t say
      It just means they look strange.

      So 亀 is your 運命の人!

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