New! Telephone Japanese

December 7, 2016 in Business related, conversation, Daily Life, Japanese manners, Vocabulary



= Moshimoshi, Cookie san imasu ka?

= Hello, Is Cookie-san there?


= Hai, boku desu ga… Dochira sama desu ka?

= This is he. Who is calling please?

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Useful phrases at a hairsalon

June 5, 2016 in Daily Life, Practical, useful phrases



= Edage wo totonoete kudasai.

= Could you trim the split ends?

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Renting an apartment / House related Japanese

March 11, 2016 in Daily Life, Japanese customs, Practical



= Soko wa ningen no petto wo katte mo ii desu ka?

= Am I  allowed to keep a human pet there?

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