(Slang) ノリ (= nori) & ノる (= noru) ♪ 

October 1, 2011 in Colloquial, Slang

= Minna notteru?
=Are we having fun?
/ Are you ready to rock?

= Sensei norinori desune!
= You are hyped up, Sensei!

Hi everyone! Do you like my new wig?

Today’s word is ノリ(=nori)

The verb form is,

!star! ノる(=noru) to go along with a happy mood,  to join in someone’s cheerful mood, to respond to someone’s joke or gags

As many other slang words, we usually write these in katakana.

The kanji for the verb ノる(= noru) was originally,

:rrrr: 乗る(= noru)  which means to ride, to board, to get on

This kanji is usually used to ride a vehicle. :

Ex. 車に乗る= kuruma ni noru = to ride a car, to get in a car

Ex. 自転車に乗る= jitensha ni noru = to ride a bike

But you can use it when someone is going along with “the beat”, “the groove” or “mood” as well.



= biito ni notte odoru

= to dance to the beat


= rizumu ni notte karada wo yurasu

= to sway one’s body to the rhythm


= ongaku ni noru

= to sway to the music


= chōshi ni noru

= to get carried away, to go into gear

=kinori suru

or 気が乗る

= ki ga noru

= to get excited about something, to warm up, to take an interest

= kinori ga shinai

or 気が乗らない

= ki ga noranai
= to be hesitant, to do something half-heartedly, to not to get into st


:mm: Now back to the word, ノる= noru


:: negative form

:rrrr: ノらない( = noranai)

:n: noun form

:rrrr: ノリ = nori

:rrrr: ノリがいい

= nori ga ii
= upbeat,  to instantly tune into the happy mood around you, to get excited, to join in someone’s jokes

:rrrr: ノリが悪い

= nori ga warui
= low key attitude, not enthusiastic, not go along with the happy mood around you, not to get into something easily, party pooper.

!to right! When do we use ノリ(=nori) or ノる(=noru)?


!onpu! 1) You can describe a type of upbeat music ♪ as

:rrrr: ノリのいい音楽(= nori no ii ongaku),  upbeat, groovy  music that makes people get into the swing or feel like dancing.

Ex. この曲、ノリがいいね!

= Kono kyoku nori ga iine!

= This song is upbeat! / This song is fun (and makes us get into move our feet.)

!onpu!2) When you describe someone who is hyped-up, get into something,  or very excited about something,


The emphasizing adjective is,

:rrrr: ノリノリ= norinori = hyped-up

You can describe people who get extremely excited or participate in some fun activities enthusiastically.  (Usually at a party or a concert.)

Ex. 昨日、マギー先生、コンサートでノリノリだったね。
= Kinō Maggie sensei , konnsaato de norinori dattane.
= Maggie Sensei was very hyped up in the concert yesterday.

Ex. 「昨日のライブ、みんなチョーノリノリだったよ!」
= Kinō no raibu minna chou norinori dattayo.
= Everybody got so hyped up at the live concert yesterday.

Ex. 彼は、一人ノリノリで踊っていた。

= Kare wa hitori norinori de odotte ita.

= He was dancing crazy all by himself.


Let’s look at the picture above,

Maggie Sensei says,

= Minna notteru?
= Are we all having fun? / Are you ready to rock?

:rrrr: *「みんな、ノってるかい?」

= Minna, Notteru kai?
= Are we all having fun? / Are you ready to rock?

is a cliché line that is usually used in a rock or pop music concert. The vocalist shouts out this line in the middle of the concert.

Note : かい (=kai) ending is for a question and a male speech.

Ex. 覚えている?(= Oboete iru) Do you remember?

:rrrr:  覚えているかい?(= Oboete irukai?)

!onpu!4) to describe someone who can interact with people in a funny way or someone who responds  to someone’s jokes or gags quickly, or people who can adjust to the happy mood around them and go along with the jokes easily or is  willing to participate some fun (or sometimes crazy)  activities.

Ex. 彼はノリがいいね。
= Kare wa nori ga iine.
= He is funny / He can respond quickly. / He is quick witted./ He rocks!

Ex. 今日のお客さんはノリがいい。
= kyō no okyaku san wa nori ga ii.
= The audience’s response is great today. (It means they laugh a lot responding the gags or jokes.)

The audience was really into our performance/music.


Ex. あいつはノリがいいから飲み会に呼ぶと場が盛り上がる。
= Aitsu wa nori ga iikara nomikai ni yobu to ba ga moriagaru.
= He (That guy) is the life of the party so if we invite him to our drinking session, he cheers up the atmosphere.

Note : あいつ (= aitsu)  is a derogatory term to indicate a third person but sometimes it is used in a friendly manner and just means “he” (or “she“)

So usually ノリ(=nori) or ノる(=noru) is used for some fun situations or to describe music with a beat but there are some cases you can use for other activities.

!onpu! 5) When someone is motivated to do something, to be into the groove, to get into a gear.

Ex. 試験勉強ノらないから遊びに行こうよ!
= Shiken benkyō noranai kara asobini ikō yo!
= I don’t feel like studying for the exam so let’s go out!

Ex. 朝から仕事ノってるね。
= Asa kara shigoto notterune.
= You have been working very efficiently since  the morning.

!onpu!6) When you say 軽いノリ(=karui nori) , it implies you are not intended to do something seriously

Ex. 軽いノリのジョーク

= Karui nori no jooku

= a lighthearted joke

Ex. 彼女を軽いノリで誘ったら本気にされた。
= Kanojo wo karui nori de sasottara honki ni sareta.
= I just asked her out casually but she took it seriously.

Ex. 軽いノリでやったことだから許して。
= Karui nori de yatta koto dakara yurushite.
= Forgive me. I just did it as a joke without thinking.

When I ignore Yukari when she wants to play with me, she often says,

Ex. ノらないなあ。
= Noranai naa.

= She is not playful..(She is not in the mood for playing. )

But when I started to get into the mood and play with her, she says,

Ex. あっ!段々、ノってきた!!
= Ag! Dandan notte kita!!
= Oh now she is getting into it.

Sometimes it requires a lot of energy to please humans. :roll:

マギー先生より = Maggie Sensei yori = From Maggie Sensei

= Saa kyō mo norinori de asobuyoo!
= OK, I’m going to have a lot of fun today!