Body Parts in Japanese Part 2


Let’s continue from the previous “Body Part Lesson Part 1”

1.  (あご)ago chin

2. 背中(せなか)senaka back

3.  (こし) koshi (also ウエスト uesuto ) lower back

4. お尻 (おしり)oshiri (also 尻(しり)shiri

* Oshiri is more polite and sounds cuter.) butt

5.  (むね) mune (also バスト basuto referring women’s breast ) chest / breast

6. (ひじ) hiji elbow(s)

*Actually Maggie has four “legs” but let’s think of her forelegs as arms.)

7. お腹 (おなか)onaka (also(はら)hara

* Onaka is more polite and sounds cuter like tummy.) abdomen, belly

8. (ひざ)hiza knees

9.  (あし)ashi legs / feet

Did you memorize them? OK, test yourself again with the following picture!


Note : Maggie doesn’t have a tail (anymore) but tail in Japanese is 尻尾 (shippo) or simply (o)

How to use them :

Ex. 1 ) • お腹がすいた(すきました) onaka ga suita (sukimashita→more polite )= I am hungry

Ex. 2 ) • 〜 が痛い 〜ga itai. *** hurts. /I have ***ache/pain.

Ex.  腰が痛い Koshi ga itai. My lower back hurts.

Q u i z ! :ii:

:l: OK, now it’s time for advanced level people.

Fill out the blanks!! :u:

1) How do you say a person who is evil-minded.

(   )黒い ~guroi

:kuroi = black)

2) How do you say “running over budget”?

(   )が出る : ~ ga deru.

(出る deru stick out)

3) When you are starving, you say,

(   )と(   )がくっつく。 : ~ to ~ ga kuttsuku.

くっつく kuttsuku : stick together)

4) How do you say face-to-face in Japanese using the above mentioned body part?

(    ) (    )を付き合わせる。 : ~ to ~ wo tsukiawaseru.

付き合わせる:tsukiawaseru to get closer)

5)How do you say when you fall flat on your behind?

尻(   )を付く : shiri ~ wo tsuku.

( 付く tsuku:to pound ) (hint : Japanese food)

6) When you are excited expecting upcoming fun event, you say

胸が(    )。: mune ga ~

(hint : verb)

皆、出来た?(dekita?) Did you finish them alright?

(答え)Kotae Answers

1) hara 2) ashi 3)お腹 onaka & 背中 senaka (There is a children song,too!)

4) hiza &  hiza 5) mochi = Sticky rice cake (Japanese people eat mochi especially on New Year’s Day) 6) 踊る odoru = to dance


frenchbulldogマギー先生 :maggie-small: より From Maggie-Sensei

私、ナイスバディーでしょ〜! Watashi naisu badei de shoo!

Don’t you think I have a really nice body?

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