How to use 〜ていく+〜てくる ( = ~teiku + ~tekuru)


8-O 「雨が降ってきたのにそんなの着ていくの?」

= Ame ga futte kita noni sonnano kite iku no?

=“It has started to rain and  you’re going out like that?”

:maggie-small: 「いいの!お洒落していくの!」

= Iino! Oshare shite ikuno!)

“Leave me alone! I wanna go out dressed up!”


:?:   「もう晴れてきたのにレインコート着てきたの?」

= Mou harete kita noni reinkouto kite kita no?

=  “How come you are wearing a raincoat? The weather has cleared up now.”

:maggie-small: 「悪い?」

= Warui?

“Is there any problem?”

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