How to use こそ ( = koso)



= Misty, watashi no omocha kakushita desho.

= Misty, you hid my toy, didn’t you?


= Minky koso, watashi no oyatsu kakushita desho.

= You, too, hid my snack, didn’t you? Minty.

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Double negative: ない+ない ( = nai+nai)



= Sonna ookina suika hitori de taberarenai desho.

= You know you are not going to be able to eat a watermelon that big by yourself, right?


= Taberarenai koto wa naiyo.

= I wouldn’t say it is impossible.  (I could eat it.)

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How to use Verb + ところ ( = tokoro)



= Dipper Sensei, kyou wa nani wo oshiete kureru no?

= Dipper Sensei, what are you going to teach us?


= Ima, nani wo oshieru ka kangaete iru tokoro desu.

= I am thinking about what to teach now.

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