Learn Japanese from a song! (トイレの神様=Toire no kamisama = Goddess in the toilet)

June 16, 2010 in Japanese song


トイレの神様(=Toire no kamisama) God in the bathroom


(=Toire no beppin na megami wa watashi desu.)

“I AM that (famous) beautiful goddess in the toilet!”

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愛しています!(=Aishite imasu.) I love you! + Love related Japanese♥

June 1, 2010 in useful phrases


愛しています。(=Aishite imasu.) I love you.


(=Nee watashi no koto aishiteru?)

Hey, do you love me?


(=Suki? Kirai? Hakkiri shite!)

Do you like me or not? Which is it?!

:rrrr: 愛してる=Aishiteru=I love you!

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