Visiting someone’s house in Japan Part 2

February 22, 2014 in Japanese culture, Japanese manners, useful phrases


= Kouhii douzo!

= Here’s your coffee.


= Douzo okamai naku…

= Please don’t trouble yourself.


= Koohii nomenain dakedo…

= I don’t drink coffee but…

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Visiting Someone’s house in Japan Part 1

February 10, 2014 in Japanese culture, Japanese manners, Practical, useful phrases


Cookie : 「ねえ、マギーのうちに遊びに行っていい?」

= Nee, Maggie no uchi ni asobini itte ii?

= Hey, can I come over to your house, Maggie?


= Soshite tomete kureru?

= And can I stay over?

Maggie : 「え〜〜〜と…」 !sleepy!

= Eeeeee to…
= Weeeeelll…..


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お先に = osaki ni (Mini Lesson #147)

August 16, 2013 in Beginners, Facebook Follow up lesson, Mini Lesson from No.124, useful phrases

= Osaki ni douzo!
= Please go ahead!
= Ie ie  douzo osaki ni!
= No, you go ahead, please!

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久しぶり(= hisashiburi) + 〜ぶり(=buri)

June 24, 2013 in Facebook Follow up lesson, useful phrases



= Gobusata desu!
= Sorry that I have been away for a long time!

Daily Basic Phrases (Twitter follow up lesson)

November 6, 2012 in Beginners, Sentence pattern, useful phrases

:maggie-small: 「毎日、一言私のこともほめてみて下さい。」

= Mainichi hitokoto watashi no koto mo homete mite kudasai.

Please try to give me one compliment every day.

  !nemui! 「先生は、花よりも美しいです。」

= Sensei wa hanayori mo utsukushii desu.

You are more beautiful than flowers, Sensei!

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予約= yoyaku : How to make a reservation in Japanese

August 17, 2012 in Japanese culture, Practical, Travel Japanese, useful phrases, Vocabulary


= Goyoyaku wa nanmei sama desu ka?

= How many people in your party?


= Yonhiki desu.

= Four “dogs” !

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Request Lesson How/When to use 一応= ichiou

June 12, 2012 in useful phrases, Vocabulary


= Doushite tabenai no?

= How come you’re not eating?


= Ichiou daietto shiteirukara…

= I am sort of on a diet…

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よいお年を! = Yoi otoshi wo!+ Year End Japanese culture!

December 26, 2010 in Japanese culture, useful phrases


= Korede toshikoshi no junbi wa bacchiri!

= Now I am all set to ring out the old year (and ring in the new year).

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お任せ = omakase (任せる = makaseru)

December 22, 2010 in useful phrases


= Kurisumasu wa watashi ni omakase kudasai.

= You can count on me for Christmas!

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理由(=riyuu):How to make excuses & explain reasons in Japanese (Request Lesson)

August 14, 2010 in useful phrases



=Kareshi ga nigeta no wa watashi ga utsukushi sugita kara yone.

=The reason why he left me was because I was too beautiful…



=Sore tomo watashi ga motesugita sei kanaa.

=Or maybe it is because I was too popular with the boys…

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