Asking for / Giving directions

August 4, 2015 in Practical



= Sumimasen. Nihon wa doko desuka?

= Excuse me. Where is “Japan”?

Fella: 「まっすぐ行って、左に曲がって下さい。」

= Massugu itte, hidari ni magatte kudasai.

= Go straight and turn left.

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ホテルの日本語 (=Hoteru no nihongo) Useful phrases at the hotel

July 13, 2015 in Practical, Travel Japanese, useful phrases



= Kuji ni mooningu kooru onegai shimasu.

= May I have a wake up call at 9:00 please.

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Visiting Someone’s house in Japan Part 1

February 10, 2014 in Japanese culture, Japanese manners, Practical, useful phrases


Cookie : 「ねえ、マギーのうちに遊びに行っていい?」

= Nee, Maggie no uchi ni asobini itte ii?

= Hey, can I come over to your house, Maggie?


= Soshite tomete kureru?

= And can I stay over?

Maggie : 「え〜〜〜と…」 !sleepy!

= Eeeeee to…
= Weeeeelll…..

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予約= yoyaku : How to make a reservation in Japanese

August 17, 2012 in Japanese culture, Practical, Travel Japanese, useful phrases, Vocabulary


= Goyoyaku wa nanmei sama desu ka?

= How many people in your party?


= Yonhiki desu.

= Four “dogs” !

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郵便=yuubin * At the post office

September 16, 2010 in Practical


「航空便でラブレターが届いたの boucingheart!
= Koukuubin de raburetaa ga todoita no.
=I got this love letter by airmail♥

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Request Lesson: Shopping Part 2-Signing up for a store card

July 26, 2010 in Practical

members card

:maggie-small: 「ポイント貯めてる?」

=Pointo tameteru?

=Have you been accumulating points?

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就活=shuukatsu :Job Hunting In Japan!

July 13, 2010 in Business related, Japanese manners, Practical


:maggie-small: 「あなたの特技はなんですか?」

=Anata no tokugi wa nan desu ka?

=So what are you good at?

!ase! 「ええと..、犬の散歩です。」

=Eeto…, inu no sanpo desu.

=Well… walking dogs.

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ありがとう(=Arigatou): How to say THANK YOU! in Japanese

May 18, 2010 in Practical, useful phrases



Minna itsumo kono saito ni kite kurete arigatou!

Thank you, everyone, for always coming to this site!

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ちょっと…(=chotto) +あいまい表現(=Aimai hyougen) ambiguous expressions

March 23, 2010 in Japanese culture, Practical, Slang


:P 「マギー先生、ちょっと質問があるんですが..」

(“Maggie sensei, chotto shitsumon ga arun desu ga…)

Ms. Maggie, I have a little question to ask…

:maggie-small: 「う〜ん…今、ちょっと…」

(=Uun… ima chotto…)

Umm …. now??


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日本語で買い物 (Shopping in Japanese)

September 22, 2009 in Practical


:P 「いらっしゃいませ!何をお探しですか?」

=Irasshaimase! Nani wo osagashi desu ka?

“Welcome to our store! May I help you ?”

:maggie-small: 「もっと痩せて見える服を下さい。」

=Motto yasete mieru fuku wo kudasai.

“I want some clothes which will make me look thinner.”

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